Episode 5 of our Web-Series "Creative Conversations" featuring Psacoya Guinn

Episode 3 of our Web-Series "Creative Conversations" featuring Mary Candler

“Titan Theatre Company joins a list of formidable names like BAM, Theatre for a New Audience, and The Public Theater, a who’s who of theaters, that Titan Theatre Company has certainly proved they belong among.”     - New York Theatre Review

"Titan Theatre company’s players are skilled dramatic warriors. This youthful troupe brings impressive collective experience, which shows in the clarity of its rapid-fire diction, delivering verbal rather than special-effects pyrotechnics."            

                                                                                                      - Shakespeare Newsletter

Episode 2 of our Web-Series "Creative Conversations" featuring Mark Booher

"There is some kick-ass Shakespearean action happening in Queens, everyone. If you're a fan of Shakespeare, and/or a fan of damn good theater, make some time to visit Titan Theatre Company."                                                     -

"Shakespeare at its best—not watered down—no apologies made. This production is not for the faint of heart. It is for anyone who loves the language, who looks for authentic emotion in theatre, and who wants to be entertained, not coddled."                           - Queens Gazette

Meet the Cast & Crew of Titan's Production of THE AFRICAN COMPANY PRESENTS: R3


                    TITAN THEATRE COMPANY 21-12 30th Rd, Queens, NY 11102  |

*Office are now located within the Variety Boys and Girls Club of Queens 


QUEENS THEATRE 14 United Nations Avenue South Flushing Meadows Park Queens, New York 11368 | Box Office (718) 760.0064