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TITAN Theatre Company is a non-profit arts service organization. We are deeply committed to producing visceral and engaging theatre that challenges even the most adventurous of audiences. And that doesn't come cheap. Ticket prices cover less than half of the cost of producing the quality of work we strive for. 


Your donation makes our work possible. Your gift is a vote of confidence, an expression of trust in the power of our work. Thank you for believing in us!




Eileen Rapaport

Beth Rabbach

Marva Harvey-Walcott

Ashley Zednick

Reina Goodman

Charles Eisenhardt

John Van Gorder

Rose Veccia

Frank & Patricia Lenti

Jayson Guilbe

Julia Casper

Gilda Davis

Rosemary DePersia

James Warfield

Captain Jack Pritchard 

Ira & Sharon Gottlieb

E. J. Platt

Elaine Tross

Gilda & Peter Davis

Carol Rosenwald 

Samim & Lauren Syed

Donna Austi-Pucciarelli

Robert & Debra Rossi

Stephanie & Todd Feldman

Michele Maybaum

Shari Beth Romano

Michael Kaplan

Raymond & Kathleen Anthony

Elizabeth Tretter

Dorothy McConnon

Patricia Lafreniere

Patricia Jordan

Sandy Robbins

Karyn Slutsky

Annie Frisbie

Alfonso Biondi

Rebecca Hornstein

Beth Davis

Stephen DiGiovanni

Daphne Lewis

Robert Basch

Susan Semmens

Annalisa Loeffler

Jacob Vogt

Patrick Thompson

Shari Vilchez-Blatt

Cynthia Mas

Rose Veccia

Christina Keefe

Kristin Godfrey

Julia Casper

Alan Antonelli

Lisa Taylor

Patricia Clark

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